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Medieval Music in the Netherlands


Study of ancient and medieval music in the Netherlands goes back to the late 1930s. For the most part study projects were initiated by academics from the universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht (Departments of Musicology). It has led to quite a number of  book publications [you need ADOBE READER to open the file].

Further information concerning Ancient and Medieval Music in the Netherlands can be found in the Dutch Newsletter Klankbord. Present Dutch study into Ancient Music, Music Archeology and Medieval Music History is largely in the hands of individuals and is only partially institutionalized.






Guidonian hand.

London , BL, Add. 18347, fol. 27v (14th century)



King David playing the harp.

San Marino , Huntington Library, MS EL.9.H.17, fol. 42r. English Psalter  (early 14th century)

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